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I'm Richard Lenkovits, a...
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How many developers does it take to change a light bulb?

front-end + back-end + dev-ops = 3?

Think again.

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Meet The Fixer...


Kubernetes is where the cloud native helmsman manages his containerized applications - so do I!


Everything that's dynamic on a site is JavaScript. I'm here for you to tackle this powerful, and sometimes weird technology.


React is the latest trend in front-end. I'm using this great technology to build fast and interactive web applications!


Sass is the css preprocessor that gives me the power of modularization and interpolation, to create scalable and non redundant styles!


Flask is a simple lightweight web application framework that helps to turn my python projects into simple web apps.


Python is my favorite programming language, that I love to use for personal tinkering, it's the most powerful general purpose language right now.


Amazon has this enormous cloud based tool set, where we can manage servers and services, like E2C, S3, and so on.


One of the most popular languages, Java is my tool to tinker with Android applications.


Groovy is a script language for the Java platform, that is great for DSL creation. I use it to define jobs and configuration for Jenkins.


Used to be the 'duckt tape of the internet', Perl is an older but powerful language - which I encounter mostly when maintaining old applications.


Jenkins is a Java based, open source automation engine, with a great and intuitive UI, which can manage all our automated tasks.


Apache Ant, gnu make, Bazel, C, C++, Django, postgreSQL, Babel, Webpack, ruby, VIM, Netlify, Contentful, Wordpress, hammer and nail, pencil, scissors.


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